Thank you for being interested in donating me! Your donation will help with my projects. 非常感谢您对捐助我感兴趣,您的捐款将用于我的个人项目上。


我的支付宝账号是,账户名陆一尘。你也可以使用支付宝钱包扫描右侧二维码,或者点击下面的按钮。My Alipay address is and its account name is 陆一尘. You can also scan the QR code with Alipay mobile or tap the button.


我的 Ripple 地址是 rhtgn6PYbXwhA6QJJMY4btieoap31t7Uo8,用户名是 ~orzfly。我可以接受 XRP、CNY/rippleCN、USD/snapswap、BTC/snapswap。My Ripple address is 1PXqP4T6EkvgYrUqSvaAsmRVzzrjWGbnAa and accepts XRP, CNY/rippleCN, USD/snapswap and BTC/snapswap.


我的比特币地址是 1PXqP4T6EkvgYrUqSvaAsmRVzzrjWGbnAa,你可以通过 Coinbase 向其捐赠,也可以使用你喜欢的钱包扫描二维码。My bitcoin address is 1PXqP4T6EkvgYrUqSvaAsmRVzzrjWGbnAa and you can send to my Coinbase account. You can also use your favorite wallet to scan this QR code.


我的 PayPal 账号是,账户名陆一尘。PayPal 会收取交易手续费,因此并不推荐使用其捐赠。My PayPal address is and its account name is 陆一尘. PayPal has great transaction fees, thus it's not recommended.