Oe-l nga-ti kamêeOe-l nga-ti kamêe

今天去镇江中影东方国际影城看了数字 3D 版的 Avatar。君不见 Pandora 山水景……忒壮观了。鸟影院的 3D 眼睛太差。鼻梁被弄得疼死了,而且效果也不好,颜色太暗淡了。摘掉眼镜看效果都比戴着眼镜看好。BS 一下中影。

看之前先用手机上了下 RunPee.com,结果告诉我有五个时间可以冲出去尿尿:

  • 56 分钟处,有 4 分钟时间:They land at the mobile science station. Jake narrates that he knows Grace – Sigourney Weaver – brought them out here to get him away from the Colonel. Back in the avatars: Neytiri takes Jake to see the birds that they ride. She tells them that they bond with one of the Na’vi and that bond is for life. Then she jumps on her bird and flys around while Jake watches. Then a series of scenes where Neytiri is teaching Jake how to speak her language. They have fun but she thinks he is a moron – that’s her nick name for him.
  • 67 分钟处,有 4 分钟时间:It has been three months. Jake talks to the Colonel. The Colonel informs him that the time is up. Jake tells him that he can finish this mission. The Colonel informs him that he already has. The intel that he got about the Tree of Souls is the thing he was looking for. Now he has the Na’vi by the balls. Then he tells Jake that he is a man of his word and will give him back his legs. Jake talks his way into going back to the Na’vi one more time to help reach a relocation agreement. He is to go through a ceremony that will make him a member of the tribe. And then he will be able to negotiate with them.
  • 93 分钟处,有 5 分钟时间:The army begins to mobilize to take down the tree. Jake and Grace talk Parker – the company man – into giving them a chance to convence the Na’vi to leave. He agrees and tells them they have 1-hour. In their avatars: Jake tells the Na’vi that they will die if they face the sky-people. They must leave. Neytiri asks Jake if he knew about this. He tells her that he did. She is upset and says, “I trusted you. You are not a part of my people.” The Neytiri tie Jake and Grace up to a tree to be punished. Just then the army arrives.
  • 105 分钟处,有 4 分钟时间:They go to the science lab in the jungle and use the ‘chopter to move it deep into the jungle where it can’t be found – near the tree of souls where the flux interferes with radar. Jake enters his his Avatar. He wakes up in the jungle. He knows that he must do something drastic before the Na’vi will listen to him.
  • 162 分钟处,有 2 分钟时间:There is no extra scene after the end credits.

根据伟大的主角不死定律,观看此电影几乎无悬念。同时根据美国电影一向有感情戏的惯例,在电影开头便猜出 NeytiriJack Sully 后来的关系。同时发现被 RunPee.com 认为最无趣的几个画面在我看来都非常精彩……嗯,我发现我还是挺强大的。


Me: 咋外星人和地球人一样要吻的……真无趣
Haoxiang Mok:是啊~要是让我编外星人的礼节就是见面碰PP。爱上了就掴一巴掌,互相喜欢就不停互掴

话说这电影中的 Na’vi 语,还真的有人编写出了 Na’vi 语字典。不过我只学会了一句话:Oe-l nga-ti kamêe. (I see you.)

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